Airtel 4G Coming Soon? Why? Telkom's Rush to Rebrand Despite not Being Ready


The Airtel 4G has been showing up for months now in cbd Nairobi and Runda, whole of Mombasa is also there, it was actually there before Telkom I wonder why they are taking so long to launch it.


Maybe they don’t want to rush it because they have a lot of data subscribers compared to Telkom. There are so many complaints about Telkom 4G so I think they’re being cautious to provide better service.


Airtel 4G signal is also in Ongata Rongai, these guys are taking so long to launch, ama ts me who’s impatient :smiley:


Boss kuwa mpole! Good things happen when you least expect them. Hii offer ya Telkom ya free 4G nimetumia hadi nikaboeka nayo. I must have downloaded over 15 gigs of data. Now I see the sms that I have been awarded 4G4Free data nashindwa hii sasa nitafanya nini nayo. These days I just let it expire.


I wish ningekua wewe. Hiyo 15gig ni siku moja. iPTV na ma FullHD downloads. Halafu niingie Youtube ku relax kama sina kazi. 1080p


You really know how to kick back and relax. Me I don’t watch much TV online or even offline. YouTube is the only data hog I mostly use. Mi hu download so many things to watch later hadi phone memory inakaribia kuajaa. I limit videos to 480p because there’s little difference when you are watching on the phone. Pia the 1GB limit per day sio mob if you’re on 4G.


Following this conversation:

Went to a store at Moi Avenue (the one next to Kenya Cinema) and asked the attendant to give me a ‘4G’ sim card. he said there is no such thing at Airtel and that they only have 3G. I tried telling him they did but he thought he knew better until i showed him the screenshot. He then proceeded to say they haven’t launched it - which I told him I know, I just want the sim. His final statement was that they shall announce when people get the sim cards as they can’t even do a swap :eyes:

Airtel has a communication problem across its people I don’t see why it’s so hard for them to send a corporate wide SMS to its outlets so they’re on the same level as online customer care. This disservice is why people say safcon is better - they’re not better in so much as the competition is bad.

Then when you add this:

One wonders why a network that is second best isn’t trying harder. How does Auto-Renew fail? Then you decide to spend a week investigating? They DESPERATELY need 4G, esp after this

Though according to some, it may have a lot to do with it’s poor service in India, compared to companies like Jio, who even if have slower average speeds per user, benefit from larger user bases who have defended the slow speeds. See below:

Users say Airtel has such few numbers that the average speed is high. Jio is 10x cheaper than airtel in some instances so you’d understand the popularity. Also noted by commenters is the real world needs of people. Majority of the population will never utilize more than 5Mbps of ‘4G’ with exceptions going upto 10Mbps.

Conversation HERE

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This is shade. The guy is worse than I am!


Our Telkom sent out an sms saying they now have 3 million customers, Their network speeds have taken a hit,they should move with speed to accommodate the increase
Airtel better have a good 4G when they launch, a Telkom disappointment would be very unfortunate.


@kiharajon, Even Airtel 4G speed will plummet soon after it is launched no matter how well they prepare. It’s an unfortunate reminder of how desperate people are for affordable wireless internet. Unfortunately there is no knight in shining armor that will come to the rescue of the multitude that Safaricom has in her clutches sucking them dry like a western dude does to a piece of sugarcane. You all know how it will unfold but prefer to think it’ll be all rainbows and ‘unicorns’ once Airtel launch 4G.

Here’s what must inevitably happen… Airtel will have a glitzy event ushering in their new 4G network, their customer service centers will immediately be overwhelmed by massive queues wanting to replace their SIM cards, for weeks the media shall be abuzz with news of the supposed savior from the insatiable beast that is SCOM, speeds will be okay but only for the first three weeks then the inevitable loss of service quality.

Personally I’d advise people to stay with Telkom because the massive users that are now overwhelming its network are nomads. A big number of them will eventually move to Airtel and some will discard their newly acquired SIM cards once they notice the grass is not greener away from Safaricom. Once all this has unfolded, we’ll be left with a much better Telkom and far less interruptions.


If only they can do something about 4G. Still surprised at how they unveiled 4G selectively. Yaaani they left the whole of Eastlands out. How now and yet this is where the numbers are. Safaricom Eastlands is their biggest market no wonder Safaricom boosters are all over in the hood I stay and all of them are 4G enabled. How Telkom decided to place one 4G booster at around JKIA and the other somewhere between Kasarani and KU and left a whole void in between JKIA, MSA rd, KU, and the CBD fathoms my understanding.

I remember you mentioned of locating around 3 Telkom 4G boosters around where you live. Sasa unashindwa why they had to do that and left the whole of Eastlands empty.


Whoever is advising them on strategy must be terrible at his job. I don’t understand why this skewed positioning of boosters is happening. It’s like some sort of pilot project and it’s not going well at all. Even though I’m surrounded by three boosters within a kilometer of me, the reliability is not good. Downloading stuff is OK but when I try to do smaller tasks like web browsing, pages sometimes don’t load unless I refresh repeatedly.


The Comments though :joy: :joy:


Telkom 4G is live in Eldoret and Kisii and some other towns. Would have made sense to roll out in Eastlands. Done Speedtest in Eldoret and Kisii with better speeds than what i get in Nairobi.


It has always been Telkom’s strategy. The same thing happened with 3G a few year ago. Took them 3 years to cover Eastlands with 3G. I had even forgotten the network exists but I decided to give it a try once more and found out that they had extended 3G coverage.


Airtel speeds inside Maasai Mara - 3G for all networks tested there.

MNOs disguise cell towers as trees - What they call cell towers artistry - made popular globally by a company called Larson Camouflage.


I would like to know the reason for this disguise


To blend with the environment so as not to “scare” wild animals. If the walls were masonry, cladding made of mazeras would have been used.
I miss the days when Maasai Mara had no network, it was truly a holiday destination.


I saw one like this a while back in Rongai towards Maasai Lodge restaurant, some posh estates those sides. I found it to be most peculiar though didn’t take a pic, will take one when I go back