32' Tv Led Display Replacement


Hello guys my 32 Led Armco tv display broke, On contacting Armco they said they dont have displays for the said model in stock, does anyone here know of a fundi who do led display replacements? if you know of any kindly recommend him to me will appreciate.


waaaah pole bro…my first sony bravia tv got a crack like that,was never able to get a replacement panel so i took the loss hit and sold it for scrap to a guy in luthuli…


how much did you sell it to the scrap guy i think finally thats what i will do as well


Izza Bro
but How can Armco say they don’t have that model?
Did they at least promise on when you should expect the displays?
Well, the problem with replacement is that the Tv will not be as clear as it was new and of course no guarantee of the new screen


Armco got very bad customer support I even told them I wouldn’t mind waiting until they restock the displays but they were non-committal on restocking displays for this particular model instead claiming that it was an old model. I was very disappointed in them and their products and I cant purchase their products again with that kind of poor customer support.


That raises a strong question… how genuine are Armco products?


Wouldn’t recommend their products to anyone after that experience .


pole maze. Uliigonga ngumi ju ya kukosa signal ama? :laughing: Kutoka leo sinunui kitu ya Armco


haha nope it fell on an object, Armco got very poor customer support I have sworn to never ever purchase their brands too,


Sasa hiyo panel ndiyo TV sasa. Nunua tu ingine.


I would also just recommend you buy another TV.


The problem with a lot of tech these days is they are made not to be repairable, and if they can, the cost would be prohibitive.


Umenimaliza! easy on him :smile::smile:


Sorry bro. Just get a new one. 21k is enough to get you a nice 32" LG/Samsung HD digital TV from Jumia.


Hiyo tu ndiyo dawa :joy::joy::joy:


Toboka tu ubuy a better one God has a plan for everyone u broke the pannel to upgrade to a better screen God wants u to rise


Hallelujah. Preach my brother.


Amen! Malizia na Kufungu cha Bibilia next time.


TVs have become so cheap, I just got a smart 42 inch for someone at 30k, a hisense, I also saw a 65 inch hisense at 60k .
How did your TV break? I have not touched my TV in like 3 years, even dust I just blow it off with the PC blower.